Dear guests,

We are focusing on re-opening in June.

Take away is not possible for the moment.

Reservations are open as from June 2021 (or further notice).

Keep an eye on our social media for eventual summery outdoor updates in May.

Looking forward to see and serve you again!

If we think sustainable, it’s about making the right decisions in matter of products and their production to be as good as possible for ourself, our guests and generations after us. Reminding us at the fact that we all live together on (and from) the same planet.


At least 95% of our products are organic (from crops to clothes), with the ambition for more. In all our actions we constantly seek for development towards sustainability.


The closer, the better.
We don’t pass the European borders, and going beyond Belgium is an exception.
— Vegetables from Ferm (Zemst), Baarbeekhoeve (Muizen) and Akelei (Schriek)
— Eggs from Boer Olivier
— Cheese we buy at Schockaert (Mechelen). They have a great selection of artisanal cheeses. Most of them are produced in France and Belgium.
— Wood for our wood oven is sourced in the Sonian Forest.


We‘re not only sourcing our products. We try to use our products at their best, with the most respect possible.
Animals “from nose to tail”, vegetables “from root to flower”.


The wine list is a small selection of about 40 delicious bottles and we’re pleased to have them on it. We only work with producers who really dare to go natural without much interventions or chemicals. Those vibrant wines just suit better with our natural food.


Yes, we are still working with animals, but only the smallest (birds, rabbits, hare …). However, we only use them when we are totally convinced about their breeding methods.
We take the organic specifications as a minimum.
We only source seafood caught using responsible fishing methods – line caught, gill or seine nets – and we do not use any farmed fish. The shellfishes are caught by hand, so without use of nets.


We filter our tap water, which means no bottles from somewhere somehow are delivered.


Our uniforms are produced in Europe by Older Paris, based on organic cotton and recycled polyester.


Our tableware is produced in Italy, Portugal, Germany and Belgium, in factories where health of the people is taken care of.


As a restaurant business we have the ambition to create a nice atmosphere for our staff. Work is not the essence of life, but if you can make your living in a pleasant way, you’re getting closer to daily happiness.


Getting better in what we do.
Skipping single-use-plastics in our daily work.
Reducing our waste to the minimum.
Finding more Belgian producers to work with.


De helden van het echte eten _ Alle dagen honger_ Barbara Serulus & Johanna Goyvaerts
Eating animals _ Jonathan Safran Foer
Omnivore’s dilemma _ Michael Pollan
Who Really Feeds the World? _ Dr Vandana Shiva


MAD Food _ Rene Redzepi
Relae community _ Christian  Puglisi


Rotten _ Netflix
Keuringsdienst van waarde _ NPO3
Cowspiracy _ Kip Andersen & Keegan Kuhn
Demain _ Mélanie Laurent & Cyril Dion

Magma is brutal.
Magma is hot.
Magma is industrial poetry.
Magma is pure.

Magma is an à la carte restaurant with the attitude of a pizzeria and the pulse of a wine bar. Where vegetables decide the menu and the soundtrack the rhythm. Magma is a sustainable restaurant where products are honest and the wines are alive. Where dough and vegetables slowly ferment.

Magma is minimum 95% organic, with the ambition to aim for more.

Maarten Van Essche, chef

Take away is not possible for the moment

Thank you for your enthusiasm en support the last months!


We are always looking for motivated people to join our team.
Kitchen, service, sommelier, cleaning, farming, …

We are currently looking for a bartender / sommelier / front of house.

Feel free to contact us at info@magma.be

Open from 6pm
Tuesday till Saturday
+32 15 68 96 09